BBQ Season Begins!

Truth be told, while the rest of the country has battled the Polar Vortex, “winter” here in Los Angeles has been unbelievably warm, so essentially we could have easily barbequed for the last five months with barely a sweater.  But there is something about longer days and those extra five degrees, that makes me really want to fire up the grill.  And so, we did.

It was a truly stunning Sunday in Venice: brilliant sun, 80 degrees, light breeze.  It just screamed for steak.  We kept it simple, so there wasn’t tons to deal with other than searing that sucker and sipping on a beautiful Nebbiolo from Palmina (I know, another Palmina wine...we are still drinking from my buying binge up in Lompoc).  I pretty much did everything before we went on our Sunday ritual: a bike ride down to Manhattan Beach and back.

Marinated the skirt steak in a balsamic vinaigrette.
Roasted beets for a beet salad with the same balsamic vinaigrette and blue cheese.
Roasted potatoes with sweet onions and bacon (because bacon makes everything better).
And made this cauliflower salad from the March issue of Food & Wine:

We got back from the bike ride, grilled the steak, warmed the potatoes, dressed the salads, and ate on the patio reveling in the fact that 6pm, warm, and sunny.  Clearly that groundhog wasn’t talking about SoCal, since not only is winter definitely over, but also so is spring.


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Six Years in a Row:


Stay tuned! More coming soon...