June 2014

If you watch a lot of the Food Network, and Samantha and I both do, you’ll happen upon the occasional episode about making restaurant meals at home.  They usually focus on something Asian like spring rolls, pad thai, dumplings, or Steak House staples.  I’ve made some pretty good spring wraps, but often they fall short of the real thing.  And no one usually tackles some of the standard Italian stuff, specifically calamari.  We’ve talked to a  lot of accomplished home cooks, and no one has cooked calamari.  Why?  It is daunting and we don’t usually want to fry stuff at home and calamari is kind of creepy.  

Turns out, your local Whole Foods has it already cleaned and prepped ready for you, so all you have to do is deal.  Since summer is always a reason to bust out the grill, and we are of course minding our waistlines, we didn’t want our cook club meal to revolve solely around fried food.  The added benefit of preparing our little slippery friend both fried and grilled also gave us the opportunity to work with two distinct wine pairings.  So, armed with our squid and a selection of veggies that would work well for both fritto misto and atop a grill, we jumped head first into our usual fun [read: wine] filled culinary adventure.

We won’t belabor things here, but suffice it to say I had a major burn on my finger tip from a mishap tasting while making caramel, so Samantha manned the fried part and I, the grill.  We paired the fruits of our labor (which wasn’t much labor to be honest) with two wines.  A lovely, slightly-off dry sparking Vouvray with the fried treats which cut the fat and retained its beauty, and a slightly masculine, smoky Gamay from Moulin-à-Vent which complemented the grilled notes but was delicate enough for the seafood.



Don’t fear the calamari.  

- Jen & Samantha


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