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Cook Club: The Fryer’s Last Stand

Cook Club: The Fryer’s Last Stand

So we’re not sure exactly how it happened, but it seems like Samantha and I have been doing a lot of frying for cook club: French fries, fried calamari, fried chicken.  Well, this is the last one; after this the fryer gets put away.  It’s not good for our hearts or our waistlines. tastes so one last time.  

The mission: To recreate a memorable meal that Samantha had at Animal and pair it with wine.
The meal objective: Fried Rabbit with Lemon Rice and Sour Cream gravy
The wine contenders: Prosecco, Manzanilla Sherry, Sancerre
The battle plan: We actually found the chef’s recipe on line, but given our timing (or lack thereof), we had to make some revisions. First, we didn’t have time to braise the rabbit so after some research we decided to marinate overnight in seasoned buttermilk.  Second, turns out rabbit is expensive: one rabbit is $35!?!  So we incorporated chicken into recipe and added that into the marinade as well.  And third, we made the seasoning a little spicy, just because we felt like it, and added some cayenne pepper and smoked paprika.
The outcome: Samantha gave us a B+/A- on comparable taste.  The deductions came from the rabbit which really did need the braise to get tender.  But the surprise success was the chicken; so juicy and tender.
The pairing surprise attack: We didn’t expect it, but the Sherry had the weight and the structure to handle the salty richness.  The Prosecco came in a close second in terms of refreshing the palate.
The aftermath: A diet for a week, extra miles running, a resolve to return to loving carrots, and wistful memories of crunchy fried goodies.

And for those following the very-loose Custer references, Crazy Horse was not involved, but we’d put money on the fact that neither the Indian tribes nor the Army did a two-step cooking process for their rabbit either.

Chef’s Recipe:


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