Not another stuffy wine blog.

We all know how intimidating wine can be. It’s such a vast subject that is often overwhelming, pretentious and out of touch to many people who just want to drink something delicious without thinking about it too much.  Before we were intimately introduced to the world of wine it felt like that nightmare where you show up to a really fancy dinner party naked. I’m sorry, is our birthday suit not appropriate? Why are you blushing? And the wine—do what with it? Swirl it around in the glass without spilling it all over ourselves? You described it as having what type of character? Cat pee? And that’s a good thing?


As wine geeks, while there certainly is an irresistible intellectual component to wine and we do endorse the intelligent quaff, the most important thing is that you derive pleasure from what you are drinking; wine is for the sensualist (wow, you really feel it by tasting it, dude). That’s why it’s been our mission at Vintage Enoteca to demystify wine and make it accessible by bringing interesting varietals from small boutique producers to our customers without too much fuss.  So that you can drink delicious, high quality wines without having sweaty palms, or like us, anxiety dreams. This blog is an extension of that philosophy-- our casual musings on wine, food and anything else that we think is too rad not to share.  Welcome.


GRILLED CHEESE MONDAY'S. A different grilled cheese every Monday for $10.
BOTTOMLESS SANGRIA & BRUNCH. Bottomless blackberry sangria for $12. Saturday and Sundays during Brunch from 11 AM to 4 PM, accompanying any food item.
HAPPY HOUR. Every Monday - Friday from 4 to 7 PM.

Six Years in a Row:


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